Explanation of the Analysis Result

Explanation of the analysis result

Our skin protects itself with a natural skin barrier. If this is intact, your skin can regenerate and the biological processes of your skin can function optimally.

But our hectic life, littered with little sleep, a lot of pressure to perform and numerous negative environmental influences️ can throw our skin out of balance.

In order to create the perfect face cream for your skin, we first need to identify its needs. For this reason, we measure the two most important biomarkers for an intact skin barrier: the moisture (corneometry) and fat content (sebumetry) of your facial skin.

Surface Lipids

The following scale represents sebum production, measured in micrograms per square centimeter (µg/cm²). Aim for an optimal range, which should be between 200 and 350.

Value in µg/cm² Interpretation
<100 very low
100 - 200 small amount
200-350 optimal
250 - 600 high
>600 very high

Skin Hydration

The following scale represents the different moisture ranges, measured in Corneo Units. An optimal range, which should be less than 30, should be aimed for.

Value in Corneo Units Interpretation
>70 very low
70 - 60 small amount
60 - 40 normal
40 - 30 Well
<30 optimal


With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), which has been fed with data since 2014, the best ingredients are determined for you in the best concentration for you. Your personalized face cream will be made based on this knowledge. With the aim of bringing your skin into its natural biological balance. 

In order to achieve the best possible result for your skin, we recommend that you repeat the skin measurement after 6–8 weeks.