This is how the sample collection works:

Objective Skin Measurement

Say goodbye to guesswork and subjective assessments in skincare. With Zkin Lab, your personalized face cream formula is based on hard data, not just opinions or questionnaires. Our skin analysis kit comes with easy-to-use analysis strips that you apply yourself and send back to us. Once we have your unique skin biomarkers, our AI algorithms get to work, pinpointing the exact ingredient concentrations and custom blends to match your skin's unique needs.

Analysis Strips - Sebum

Our blue analysis strips specifically measure your skin's sebum (oil content). The specialized coating on the strip reacts with your skin's lipids within seconds, creating pinpoint transparent spots. The size and spread of these transparent areas reveal the activity level of your sebaceous glands. Dry or low-oil skin will display smaller, more isolated spots, while oily skin shows larger, more diffuse and sometimes swollen spots. Using this data, our AI calculates the precise sebum levels and distribution patterns, expressing these values in µg/cm²

Analysis Strips - Moisture

Using our transparent adhesive strips, we collect skin flakes (corneocytes) for analysis. The number, thickness, and distribution pattern of these flakes allow our AI to calculate the moisture content of your skin's outer layer, the stratum corneum, which is measured in Corneo Units. The drier the skin, the more flakes will adhere to the strip."

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