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Individual formulations based on precise skin measurement for healthy, radiant skin

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  • Individual Formulation

  • Objective Skin Analysis

  • Vegan and Cruelty-Free

  • Made in Germany

How it works

  • 1. Use the analysis strips from the comfort of your home

  • 2. Send the kit to our lab

  • 3. Received your custom skin care by mail

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Why should I test my skin?

Every skin is unique and is affected differently by external factors such as weather, diet and stress. It is difficult to accurately assess the condition of your skin, which in turn makes it difficult to choose the right products for effective skin care. With objective skin measurement from Zkin Lab, you can be sure that your individual skin needs are correctly identified and that you receive the optimal care. This way you can find the right skin care straight away and save yourself time and money!

What is being measured?

We measure the fat content (lipids) and moisture of your skin. This way we can determine what your skin needs for a balanced skin barrier.

Why is the oil and moisture content of the skin important?

An intact skin barrier has an optimal amount of lipids and moisture and is able to repel foreign substances without causing irritation or inflammation. When the skin barrier is damaged or disrupted, it can lead to a variety of skin problems including dryness, flaking, redness, irritation, inflammation and infection.

Zkin Lab specifically strengthens the ideal ratio of lipids and moisture and thus supports your intact skin barrier.

How does personalisation work?

An algorithm compares your individual skin values ​​with optimal reference values ​​and calculates the ideal composition of ingredients for your personal formula. This process is based on several years of research and comprehensive data analyzes by experts at the Fraunhofer Institute. The result is a tailor-made cream that brings your skin into its natural biological balance.

Combat skin problems

  • Level 1: Cream and Cleanser

    An intact skin barrier is the basis for healthy skin. Our Zkin Lab Cleanser and Cream offer you the ideal combination to bring your skin into its natural balance. In this state, your skin can regenerate and protect itself. An intact skin barrier helps to correct and prevent skin problems.

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  • Level 2: Problem-Specific Serum

    Our Zkin Lab serums specifically attack the causes of skin problems and build on the intact skin barrier. We offer serums for acne & blemishes , pigment spots , wrinkles and redness & itching .

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Problem Solver Serums

Before & After

"Zkin Lab's personalised products provide effective skin care that strengthens the skin's natural protective functions. The cream offers an ideal basis for solving and preventing any skin problems.

-Dr. Lars Rüther

"Zkin Lab's objective skin analysis and personalisation process makes it possible to identify individual skin needs and tailor the cream to target imbalances for effective skin care."

-Dr. Dr. Ilsabe Bunger