Erfahrungsbericht von Kerstin

Field report by Kerstin

Before after

Brief introduction of myself:

My name is Kerstin and I am 46 years young, mother of 2 sons (18 and 14 years). I live and work in Munich's commuter belt.

Condition of my skin:

My skin has red and open, sometimes weeping spots on my cheeks, next to and on my nose and between my eyebrows in the forehead area. My skin also tends to blackheads and pimples and in my opinion is rather greasy. It also bothers me that it has very large pores.

Skin care experience

I've experimented a lot over the years. During puberty with a wide variety of facial cleansers, pimple plasters, make-up remover pads, etc. Nothing really helped.

In my twenties, due to my impure skin, I used various cleansing foams and creams as well as cover sticks and thick make-up to cover up the pimply spots.

In my thirties I consulted various dermatologists because I wanted to do something about the constant impure skin.

Suddenly not only pimples and blackheads developed, but also red weeping spots around the nose, cheeks and forehead.

Here, too, experiments were carried out. But this time it was the doctors trying things out. Of acne chlorine cures I've been on for months and ruined all my towels and sheets as the chlorine bleached everything it came in contact with. Avoiding the sun was the order of the day at the time, as otherwise ugly discolorations could have formed on the skin.

Various mixed creams from the pharmacy with and without cortisone - nothing led to a long-term improvement in the complexion. In the short term yes, but once I finished the treatments after the allotted time, it wasn't long before the problems were back and mostly worse than before.

Then, after another change of dermatologist (waiting time for the first appointment 10 months!), I was diagnosed with rosacea.

From then on I tried to get by with medicinal creams from the dermatologist and makeup from the pharmacy - all comedogenic-free, of course.
Here, too, the success was rather moderate.

But the painful and open spots were limited.

When I heard about SkinLab from a customer, I was hooked straight away.

I expect an improved complexion, fewer impurities and less pain from the application.

Current skin condition:

I have red and inflamed, partially open spots next to the nostrils towards the cheeks.

The area at the root of the nose and between the eyebrows towards the forehead also show red and inflamed areas.

Pimples on the chin/forehead and neck area. The skin feels uneven and a little "crispy".

Otherwise, my skin has large pores. The skin is tense and I have to use the cream immediately after washing and drying!
I often have blackheads in the temple and nose area.

My assessment is that I tend to have oily skin.

Testimonial Zkin Lab Kerston before

The sampling:

The only problem I had was with the various patches as to which part of the film to put on the various locations indicated, but only because it wasn't immediately apparent.

As a user, I would wish that e.g. B. the carrier film is colored.

Otherwise, the test kit was easy to use. Shipping was also hassle free.

I had decided on a perfume-free and light texture for the cream.

But since this fragrance-free cream reminds me too much of the creams I have mixed from the pharmacy, I would choose the perfumed cream next time.

I've been testing the product for 6 weeks now. My skin no longer feels so tight, the painful areas have subsided, I no longer have open areas.

Skin analysis:

Surface lipids: 332.8weseng/cm²
Fat content at an optimal level
Skin moisture 50.62 corneu units
Moisture content at an average level

After 6 weeks:

My skin no longer feels so tight, the painful areas have subsided, I no longer have open areas. The "crispy" feeling when I stroke my face is also less.

Experience report Zkin Lab Kerstin Nachher

After another 6 weeks:

The complexion has not improved any further.

In the meantime I have found out that I have these skin problems due to heavy metal pollution in my body.

Depending on what I eat or drink has a corresponding effect on my skin. The more fructose in the form of fruit etc. causes these inflamed areas. As soon as I eat something spicy like chilli, the area around the nostrils gets itchy and extremely red. With ZkinLab skin care I can reduce this excessive redness and inflammation a little. But unfortunately I can only fight the symptoms with these things but not the cause.

Field report Zkin Lab after 12 weeks