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Experience report by Martina

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presentation of my person

Martina, 30 years old, Munich

condition of my skin

I've always had somewhat more problematic skin with imperfections, redness and blemishes. My skin is a bit greasy in the T-zone, but dry on the cheeks.

Skin care experience

In the last few years I have tried out a lot of skin care products, which has also had an impact on my wallet. I was looking for a cleanser that cleans my skin down to the pores and removes oil, but at the same time does not dry it out. The face cream should provide moisture but not be too heavy on the skin. At the same time, for many years I have made sure to avoid certain ingredients such as silicone, paraffins or aluminum in creams. Finding a cream from the drugstore that meets these requirements is really not easy. J

Expectations of ZkinLab

Due to the previous skin condition analysis and the skin care tailored to it, I was really excited to see how my skin would change. First of all, the skin analysis opened my eyes because apparently my skin has too low a fat content. Since my skin is naturally oilier, I didn't expect that. I expected the ZkinLab cleanser to cleanse my skin without drying it out. I expected the cream to moisturize my skin well without making my skin greasy and, above all, to be light on the skin so that I can use it day and night. Another plus would be that it makes my skin appear more even.

Zkin Lab in the bathroom

Sampling with the skin analysis kit

evaluation of sampling

The instructions for sampling are very well described and easy to use. The pictures also help with the correct application.

It would be worth considering whether plastic in the jars could be saved in the long term (possibly by using cork). Unfortunately, the test kit broke on my first delivery, so not all samples arrived. Here it would be worth considering whether to make the closure sticker larger or add two stickers to the test kit.

product variant

I chose the light cream without fragrance.

Measured values ​​and application of the products

My readings have shown that the moisture content of my skin is within the normal range, but my fat content is too low.

Impression after the first week of using the face cream

I really enjoy using Zkin Lab products.

I am a big fan of the face cream. It can be removed hygienically with the pump dispenser and melts very comfortably into the skin. It is very light and still moisturizes my skin enough so that it no longer feels tight after cleaning. Even after a few hours my skin does not shine like with other face creams. Small irregularities and redness of the skin were reduced.

Knowing that only the most necessary ingredients were used in the cream gives me a good feeling, as I have avoided unfavorable substances in skin care for years.

I like the simple packaging of the cream and the cork lid so much that it can also be used as a decorative accessory in the bathroom.

I always use the cleansing oil for pre-cleansing, which means I first remove my eye make-up and face make-up with it, which works really pleasantly with the oil. I use a tinted mineral sunscreen every day, which has a fairly strong hold on the skin. The oil manages to remove the sunscreen without any problems. Oil is the best at removing dirt from the skin without damaging the skin barrier. Skin care is also up to 80% more effective if the skin is cleaned beforehand, as the ingredients in the cream can then penetrate the pores better.

I sometimes use a light foaming cleanser afterwards to make sure all the remains of my sunscreen have been removed.

I really love the Zkin Lab concept and I'm a big supporter of custom skin care with the essential ingredients that my unique skin needs.

ZkinLab Martina