Erfahrungsbericht von Marie

Experience report from Marie

Brief introduction of yourself

I'm Marieke, young organizational psychologist from Munich and still looking for the right skin care for me. In my free time, I like to spend my free time with art and culture and like to go to the various cafés in the city.

Skin care experience

I use skin care regularly, but I also try a few things.
I started with La Roche Posay, but after a few years it no longer worked successfully. I then tried the Cerave range in combination with Inkey List's Vitamin C and Retinol Serum, which led to a few breakouts. From spring 2022 I switched to the Zkin Lab series and the Cleanser with it

Current skin condition

My skin condition before using Zkin Lab was not good to fair. I was quick to respond to breakouts with lifestyle changes and had very dry but breakout-prone skin. I also had some dryness lines.

Expectations of Zkin Lab

A holistic skincare routine that re-stabilises my skin's barrier and minimizes imperfections over the long term.

Sampling with the skin analysis kit

The sampling was very intuitive and worked perfectly. The small pads that you stuck to the skin were easy to put on and take off again and the packaging was also very nice and sustainably designed. The small dot of glue that was supposed to hold the entire package together in the mail didn't seem very stable. This could be improved so that nothing gets lost in the mail.

I opted for the cream with a light consistency without fragrance and chose the anti-blemish serum.

your readings

Unfortunately, I no longer have the note.

Experience with Zkin Lab

(A) Product packaging: I liked it, very clinical and chic. The cleanser came in a plastic pack with a pump dispenser and it came with a handy clip to use when traveling to avoid spills. I like! The cream was also in a pump dispenser with a nice cork lid. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get the last bit out of the pack here, which is why the rest was unfortunately "wasted". The serum was in a glass pump dispenser, which unfortunately showed a crack on the 2nd day, which is why the product leaked in the following days and I wasn't able to test it for a longer period of time. Too bad!

(B) Application: The cleanser feels oily on the skin, but cleans thoroughly with enough warm water and gentle massage. The feeling afterwards was very "cared for" and the skin wasn't tight or anything like that. I only used the cleanser in the evening and it removed my make-up really well - even the waterproof one! I used the cream in the morning and in the evening and it also leaves a pleasant feeling on the skin. Not like there's "nothing" on the skin, but in a way that leaves it feeling nourished and soothed. The serum felt fresh on the skin and was easy to spread. It absorbed quickly and didn't react with the cream that followed. In the case of acute impurities, it sometimes pulled slightly, but otherwise I didn't feel any direct effect.

(C) Short-term effect: in the first week after using the three products, my skin was a bit irritated, which is why some blemishes appeared. But since my previous care tended to dry out the skin, the cleanser in particular was just right here and supplied the skin with nutrients, so that the feeling of tightness quickly disappeared. The cream has always felt very good and unobtrusive, but I can't attribute an exact effect to it - my skin didn't get better or worse. Since the serum unfortunately broke down quickly, I was only able to test it for two weeks - during this time I didn't notice any active difference. With longer use over several months, I could imagine that an effect would occur.

(GB) After 4 weeks of use, my skin felt more nourished and the skin barrier was significantly more stable. The skin surface appeared smoother and dryness lines were reduced. Unfortunately, some blemishes (both small blackheads and blackheads) have developed, especially around the cheeks and around the mouth, where I rarely had pimples before. Maybe my skin was just "over" saturated in some places?

(E) Conclusion: Zkin-Lab helped me a lot to counteract the acute dryness of my skin in spring. My skin felt more saturated and nourished and I enjoyed using Zkin-Lab in my routine. However, I would have wished for an SPF for the cream in order to be optimally prepared for the day. Unfortunately, since I'm still struggling with breakouts, I'm currently trying out new additional products to intervene here (niacinamide, retinol, etc) and will probably not continue to use Zkin-Lab in the long term because the desired "wow" effect didn't materialize. Still, I would recommend Zkin-Lab for demanding skin - it's definitely worth a try and the individual skin analysis is a great way to understand your skin better.