Zkin Lab Cleanser Erfahrungsbericht

Experience report from Jenny

Zkin Lab Jenny before and after

Brief introduction of yourself

I am 24 years old, come from Munich and am currently training to be an actress there. That's why a good complexion is very important to me professionally.

Skin care experience

Ever since I started putting on make-up when I was about 13 or 14, I've always used skin care products. At first from the drugstore, then from the pharmacy and as the skincare world on the internet grew, I ordered products from all over the world. Cleansers (foaming, gel, oil), toners, essences, various serums, day and night creams, and of course masks. The problem with this is that you never know if you are using too many products, if they even work together and if you are really giving your skin what it needs.

Current skin condition

Currently, in my mid-20s, I have really bad skin. I have a lot of pimples, especially on my cheeks and forehead. I then have to struggle with the pigment spots that remain for months. Sometimes my skin is rather dry, then again quite oily. I'm careful not to keep touching my face and I've tried almost everything, but I still look like a crumble cake.

From skin problems to clear skin

Expectations of Zkin Lab

I want an even complexion, without pimples and without pigment spots. I know skin is always changing and having a blackhead here and there isn't a bad thing. I would just like to finally look in the mirror in the morning and be happy about my clear skin instead of despairing every day.

Sampling with the skin analysis kit

The sampling went super fast and was explained really well. I chose the rich unscented cream because my skin is sensitive to perfumes and I didn't want to take that risk. I used two types of serums: anti-blemishes and anti-dark spots because those were my main problems.

your readings

Surface lipids: Measurement: 11.00 µg/cm² Skin moisture: Measurement: 71.00 corneo units

Experience with Zkin Lab

These are the measured values ​​after two months of use: surface lipids: measurement: 57.25 µg/cm², skin moisture: measurement: 20.85 corneo units. At first I was skeptical, mainly because of the cleanser. Before that, I always worked with a two-step cleansing system. That's why I felt that a single oil cleanser wouldn't cleanse my skin thoroughly enough. But exactly the opposite was the case! I had completely overworked my skin without realizing it. That's why this cleanser is just right for me! I am really very satisfied and positively surprised by the results! My skin has really improved significantly. I have used the products every morning and evening without missing a single day. Because there are only a few products, you can finish your skin care routine very quickly. I rarely get pimples anymore and my pigment spots also disappear much faster than before. My skin feels very balanced and good. If you trust Skinlab's process and products, you won't be disappointed!

Before After picture with skin problems